Alex Raymond Michigan

Alex Raymond lives in Catonsville, Maryland, and is very involved in the community where he lives. He has had a successful career in finance and is known for his skills in planning money, making investments, and running projects. When he started his career in finance, his goal was to continue to learn and grow as part of a winning and highly experienced team. Over the years, he has been able to transition seamlessly into various fields and endeavors where he has had continued success on almost every level.

Raymond began his career in finance at Morgan Stanley. He continued to work there for over 10 years, gaining experience and learning as much as he could about finance and business management. He also learned how working together as a unified team was beneficial in building a network of professionals he could count on for advice and support.

Much of the time he spent at Morgan Stanley was dedicated to building relationships, delivering custom client solutions, and honing new project management skills. By completing these certifications, he was able to flesh out his resume and market his project management skills in several different areas. This allowed him to branch out and take advantage of many new opportunities.

As his time at Morgan Stanley came to a close, his interests broadened to other areas of project management. Although finances were still a part of everything he did, his interests began to turn toward IT projects. He quickly found that he was good at this. Before he left Morgan Stanley, he had built his business into a successful one that made around $330,000 a year and helped his partners' businesses grow by more than 30%. Two years after starting his own IT project management business, he is now showing that he could make even more money.

Transitioning from financial services to IT project management was a smooth journey. All of the tips and tricks he had learned at Morgan Stanley over the past 10 years were now useful in his new job. He was able to try out new things and ended up getting two big contracts. One contract was with Navy Federal and the other with Driscoll’s. Raymond has gotten offers from CVS, Ameriprise, and Key Bank, to name a few, to help them with project management. He serves as both a project manager as well as a Scrum Master and has been able to advance quickly in the IT field due to his many years of past experience.

Throughout his years as a financial advisor rooted in project management methodologies, Raymond was able to continue learning and gaining the knowledge and expertise he needed to keep moving forward. Each year of experience has allowed him to continue to explore and learn by working in different areas of each industry. This has helped him to become very agile in terms of managing multiple tasks and operations at the same time. By bringing the two fields together, he is now able to be more efficient in each and build stronger, more cohesive networks.

As part of his development over the years, he has made a name for himself in several different areas, including IT Security and governance. He has been able to manage agile teams and has helped them work towards meeting their full potential. He has been part of several organizational transformations where he has been able to assist in bringing together groups that could effectively find solutions and work together to achieve whatever goal was in the works. His ability to match his prior income in the span of two years proves his ability to use his talents to their fullest potential.

Raymond has had a lot of success over the years, but he has never forgotten where he came from. He has always been a huge sports fan of high school, collegiate, and professional golf, football, and basketball. His success in business has given him the ability to give back to his community in several ways.

Not only has he maintained a tradition of donating $500 to $1,000 per year to his high school, Mt. St. Joe, for the last ten years, he has also contributed the same amount to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. For the last decade, donating to these organizations has become an annual practice that he does not intend to stop. Raymond has also donated his time as a volunteer with the Children's Inn at the NIH and local food banks.

Raymond has not forgotten about local businesses in his community either. He helps a lot of small business owners figure out the best ways to run their businesses for free. He also gives free seminars on financial planning to people in the community, both adults and school-aged children. He is able to give back to his community because of these things. He has worked hard to get where he is now, and he wants to help other people do the same on their own terms. He is proud to know that what he does at work and in his free time makes a difference.

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